playground2Boys & Girls:

White or Gold Polo Shirt – with or without logo
Green Sweatshirt/cardigan or fleece – with logo
Black or grey trouser, skirt or pinafore dress -NO JEANS
Shoes preferable.

During the summer months boys can wear black or grey school shorts and girls can wear green checked dresses.

Our uniform is stocked at:

138 High Street North
East Ham
E6 2HT

For safety reasons, jewellery should not be worn in school,
although studs are allowed if children have pierced ears.

P.E. Kit

T-shirt (any colour)
Shorts (any colour)
Plimsolls for outdoor use.

Please ensure that P.E kit is brought into school every Monday and taken home to be washed, on Friday.

All children are expected to do PE (Physical Education). Children change for PE lessons.

For PE lessons children will need a tracksuit or shorts, a T-
shirt and plimsolls or trainers.

If your child wears shoes with laces, please teach them to tie them themselves.

Children need a swimming costume and swimming hat in Year 5.