Our Learning

Education at Plaistow

Children study in line with the national curriculum. The core subjects are English, maths, science, Information and Communication Technology. Children also learn foundation subjects including art, music, physical education, history, geography, design and technology, citizenship, personal, social and emotional education and religious education. All children will have opportunities to work with computers to support their learning.


Children work as a whole class, in small groups and on their own. Children will also be given activities to do at home.

All the children in the school take part every day in an English lesson. Using a variety of activities and learning approaches, children are taught reading, writing and spelling. Children are also encouraged to use all opportunities to speak and listen to English.

In our school we also teach a daily Mathematics lesson. Teachers teach the whole class together and also organise stimulating group activities. Children learn about numbers, shape, measurement and data handling and how to use it in everyday life. Learning correct maths vocabulary is also important. Children at our school come from a wide variety of backgrounds and religions. We value the culture and heritage of all children.

We meet together in school assemblies to think about the values we share of love, peace, respect and tolerance. We believe that our school should be a happy, caring and safe place. We want all children to achieve their full potential.

Your child may need help in learning English. Teachers at our school plan activities that enable all children to become confident in speaking, reading and writing English.

Our school is totally inclusive school and we provide for all emotional, behavioural and physical needs. If we feel that your child is having difficulties with learning we will contact you. We will want to work with you in planning the best way to help your child in school.


Some children may need extra help with their work at school. If you think your child is having difficulties please see the teacher. If you would like to talk about your child’s progress, or if you have any concerns, please arrange a time to talk to the teacher. Our school organises regular parents’ evenings. Parents and carers are welcome to come into school. We believe that by working together your child will succeed in school. Every year the school will give you a written report on your child’s progress.

Some parents and carers help in school in many ways. If you would like to help please let us know. All of our parents and carers are welcome to attend our coffee morning which is held on a Thursday.

We also hold a Parent/Toddler group. This is on a Wednesday 1 session in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. We do have a waiting list, so please come to the children’s centre and enquire. All parents and carers must stay with their child.

You can help your child learn by talking to them about school, reading with them at home and by playing with them. Your child will bring home books from school to read or look at with you. You can also borrow books from the school or the public library.

You can also help your child by encouraging them to speak, read and write in their home language.

The school is happy to help you to help your child with all aspects of their learning.