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Plaistow Primary School

Edible Garden

We are very proud, excited and looking forward to our Edible Garden at Plaistow Primary School! Our garden in currently in the planning stage and will be built over the Summer holidays. The project is being funded by the charity Trees for Cities.

This will be a stunning green space for our children to grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Pupils will gain an understanding how to grow and care for plants, learn how different plants grow, as well as have an opportunity to grow, eat and cook their own food.

It is vital that we teach our children about healthy eating habits and growing their own food onsite will be a great way to instil this important life skill in our pupils.

We see this as very much being a community garden that can be enjoyed and shared by children and families alike.

Stay tuned to find out more!

You can find out more about Edible Gardens and Trees for Cities here