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Plaistow Primary School

School Development Plan

Each year at Plaistow we compile a comprehensive Programme for School Improvement. This contains a rigorous Self-Evaluation Form and the School Improvement Plan.

The following are our School Improvement Priorities for the 2020/2021 academic year:




Priority 1

To develop leadership at all levels of the school community through coaching and mentoring theory and practice.

Milestone 1: Senior and middle leaders construct strategic action plans through timetabled meetings with their line managers. 

Milestone 2: Senior leaders engage with the theory behind coaching and mentoring, and use relevant strategies to support and challenge their teams.

Milestone 3: Line management meetings across the senior and middle leadership teams are rooted in coaching and mentoring theory and practice.

Priority 2

To embed a thematic curriculum rooted in high quality texts to inspire a love of learning, which will sequentially develop pupils’ knowledge and skills across all subject areas.

Milestone 1: Classroom environments are imaginative and reflect pupils’ learning, creatively encompassing the current theme.

Milestone 2: Children confidently talk about their end of theme learning outcome, identifying the subject knowledge and skills needed in its creation.

Milestone 3: A curriculum has been developed so that teachers are able to plan high quality sequences of learning.

Priority 3

To raise standards in reading by developing a culture of high expectations for teaching and learning, alongside inspiring our children’s love of literature.

Milestone 1: Children can talk confidently about books they are studying in school and enjoying at home.

Milestone 2: Systems for phonics and whole-class reading sessions are consistent in all year groups.

Milestone 3: Teachers have an excellent understanding of where pupils are on their reading learning journey

Priority 4

To improve teacher subject knowledge across English and maths so that assessment for learning strategies are used to support and challenge all learners.

Milestone 1: Teachers have an excellent understanding of the English and maths learning journeys for their year group. 

Milestone 2: Teachers use a range of assessment for learning strategies to gather evidence of pupils’ learning to inform challenging next steps.

Milestone 3: Teachers have an excellent understanding of the learning journey for English and maths across a range of year groups.