Attendance and Punctuality

At Plaistow we want every child to gain the most from their education and coming to school every day, on time, is an important part of children reaching their full potential.


School starts at 9.00am for the whole school and morning Nursery. This means your child should be in the playground ready for the bell and go into class at 9.00am. When children are late, it is disruptive for that child, but also disrupts the teacher and the rest of the class. Afternoon Nursery children should be in class at 12.30pm.

If your child is very late – 9.10am or later, you must take them to the School Office to be marked in.
Children arriving late are given a late mark in the register. The school monitors which children are constantly late and parents will be contacted by the Attendance Officer.


The school target for all children is 96% so we want all our children to come to school regularly and are only absent if they are ill.
The school monitors which children are dropping below 95% attendance and parents will be contacted by the Attendance officer. If there is no improvement, we will refer you to the Newham Council’s Attendance management Service who will meet with you and look for improvement. If there is still no improvement, the school and Newham Council will have to look at other options such as a Fixed Penalty Notice or court proceedings.

Informing the school of absence

If your child is ill and is absent from school it is the parent’ responsibility to inform the school straight away.

• Please ring the school office on the first day of absence on 0208 548 5620. We will need to know why your child is absent and how long you believe they will stay off school.

•If your child is absent due to ill health for 3 days or longer you will need to provide the school with some form of medical evidence
◦ copy of the Prescription
◦ written Doctor’s medical certificate
◦ copy of labels from medicine bottles.


Parents should try their best to make any appointments outside of school time. However if this is unavoidable parents need to show the school office appointment letter or card. If your child has an appointment in the morning, they should come back into school as soon as it is finished so they don’t’ miss their lessons. If your child has an appointment in the afternoon, they should come to school for the morning.

Holidays in Term Time

From September 2013, the law was changed and Headteachers are no longer able to agree to family holidays or extended leave of absence during term time.
The school is shut for 13 weeks during the year so parents should arrange their trips during those times. Parents should not book any trips or flights when school is open and children should be in lessons.

If parents take their children out of school during term time, they may be fined £60 per parent per child which rises to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days.

Thank you to all parents who are supporting their children at Plaistow by sending them to school every day and making sure they are starting their lessons on time.