School Day and Attendance

Times of the School Day

The school gates open each morning at 8:45. Registers at 9:00 and pupils should be in class and ready to learn at this time.

Teachers set children early morning work to complete between 8:45 and 9:00. This is a time for children to settle into the day before formal learning begins. 


KS1 Morning Break: 10:30-10:45am

LKS2 Morning Break: 10:45-11:00am

UKS2 Morning Break: 10:20-10:30 and 11:30-11:40


EYFS Lunchtime: 11:30am

KS1 Lunchtime: 12:00pm

LKS2 Lunchtime: 12:25pm

UKS2 Lunchtime: 12:50pm


School finishes at 3:30 with the gates opening from 3:20. 

Pupils must be collected by an authorised adult. 

Pupils in Year 6 children may go home unaccompanied. This will require written permission from parents. However, this does not meant that they are allowed to collect younger siblings alone.

It is important that parents keep the school informed about who is collecting children. if you arrange for another adult or parent to collect your child you must let your child's teacher or the office know. 


Attendance and Punctuality


At Plaistow we want every child to gain the most from their education and coming to school every day, on time, is an important part of children reaching their full potential.

Being late, even a few times a week, disrupts the rest of the class and can seriously effect your child's learning. 

Being late and missing 10 minutes of school each day equates to missing 1.5 weeks over the course of the school year!

If you child is late they will need to sign in with the School Office. Children arriving late are given a late mark in the register. The school monitors which children are persistently late makes referrals to the Attendance Officer.



The school target for all children is 96% so we want all our children to come to school regularly and are only absent if they are genuinely ill.

The school monitors which children are dropping below 95% attendance and parents will be contacted by the Attendance Officer. If there is no improvement, we will refer you to the Newham Council’s Attendance management Service who will meet with you to create an action plan improvement. If there is still no improvement the school and London Borough of Newham will issue fixed penalty notices or move onto court proceedings.


If your child is unwell please ring the school office on 0208 548 5620. 


If your child is absent due to ill health for three days or longer you will need to provide the school with some form of medical evidence (either a doctors note or a copy of a prescription). 


Parents should try their best to make any appointments outside of school time. However if this is unavoidable you will need to show the school office proof of the appointment (email/ text confirmation, letter from doctor's surgery, etc). 

 If your child has an appointment in the morning, they should come back into school as soon as soon as it has finished. If your child has an appointment in the afternoon, they should come to school for the morning.


Holidays During Term Time

The school will not authorise any holidays during term time. The school is closed for 13 weeks throughout the year so all holidays should be arranged during those times. Families should not book any trips or flights when school is open and children should be in lessons.

If parents take their children out of school during term time, they may be fined £60 per parent per child which rises to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days.