More Able / Gifted and Talented

How do we identify MA/G&T children?

At Plaistow Primary we identify children as more able/ gifted and talented when children either perform above national expectations for their age or demonstrate particular strengths or talents. We define More Able/Gifted as: children who are achieving or have the potential to achieve in advance of their peers in one or more academic subjects. We define talented pupils as: those children who have enhanced creative, musical, sporting or artistic ability.

What is the More Able/Gifted and Talented register?

The school keeps a register all children who have been identified as able and/or talented. Children can be nominated for inclusion on the register by staff, specialist teachers or parents. The register is updated yearly and parents are notified by the school if their child has been added to the register. Please note that the register is a working document and that children can move onto as well as off it, according to their current learning needs therefore your child will not necessarily remain on it indefinitely.

How do we provide for our gifted and talented children?

We identify More Able/Gifted and Talented children and provision is made for these children in the individual teacher’s daily planning; work is differentiated to make sure that all children, of whatever ability, are encouraged to do as well as they can.
In addition to extension and challenge during lessons, our most able pupils are involved with specialist projects. We keep a record of activities provided for our most able children to ensure that they regularly receive the additional challenge they need. We also liaise with local primary and secondary schools for partnership work to further support pupils.

How are Parents/Carers kept informed?

We aim to keep parents fully updated on a child’s progress and achievements through informal meetings, by letter or during Parent Evening. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress at any time throughout the year then an appointment can be made with the class teacher at both your convenience.
If you think your child has a particular gift or talent please complete a nomination form (could this be a link so the form magically appears?) and hand it to Mrs Boutalbi.

How can Parents/Carers help?

We encourage Parents and Carers to contribute to the school’s understanding of their child. Keeping the school informed of any awards, competition or out of school interests that they have. Encourage your child’s interests by enrolling them in a club outside of school which will further nurture and encourage your child’s talent or gift. Above all by showing interest in your child’s learning, sharing enthusiasm for study, encouraging homework visits to libraries, museums and out of school courses will encourage your child and help them reach their full potential.

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We have some exciting news to share; we have become a part of the Children’s University™.

The Children’s University™ is an international charity that provides children with access to exciting and innovative learning experiences outside of the normal school day.

 How does it work?

Children taking part have been given a learning passport which means they are able to access high quality learning activities which have been accredited by The Children’s University™, for example attend a workshop at the Natural History Museum. Each time a child completes an accredited learning activity, they get a stamp/signature in their passport.