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Dear parents,

Welcome to the home learning page for pupils in our nursery. During this time at home, Miss Stokes and her team have put together a range of activities for you and your child to learn together.

We would love to see your work and the learning that you are doing.

 Email your work and photos to fun@plaistow.newham.sch.uk 


Happy learning!

Mrs Occleshaw

Assistant Head Teacher - Early Years Leader

Week Beginning 19th October 2020

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t sound



t writing video


Letter sound d

Alpha blocks t,a,s



Letter sound m



Letter sound d


I love my mum video


Taller and shorter video


My daddy is a giant video


Short and tall Monsters


First day at skeleton school

Make a picture of your mum

Teacher model

Draw who lives in your house

Going on a t hunt video All kinds of families Big and Little - Titch story




This week we have been learning about who is in the farmers family and discussing who is in our family.

Me and my family 

Different families

A family

Families, families, families

Musical Phonics

My rotten redheaded older brother

Princess Polly becomes a big sister

Meg and Mog






This week we have been learning about things that are tall and things that are short and sorting by size.

Tall and short song

size comparison game

Big and Small

Longer and Shorter

Animal size game



Spooky Halloween Counting

Cool move monster shuffle

Halloween music mix

Make a spooky spider