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Plaistow Primary School

General Admissions

The staff, governing body and pupils of Plaistow Primary School would welcome you applying for a place at our school.

Read on to find out more about how to apply to our school.

In-Year Admissions to Plaistow 

  • If your family arrives in Newham, or you would like to apply to Plaistow during the school year 2021/2022 you should complete an in-year admissions form naming Plaistow as your first choice.

    Click here for information about in-year admissions.

    Click here for the in-year admission form. 

We Are Going to School

School places are usually offered within 10 days. The place offered may not be at the school the family prefers as that school may not have a suitable place available. In-Year admissions are for 01 September 2021 to 21 July 2022 (Year Groups: Reception to Year 6).

Welcome to Plaistow Primary School

Plaistow Primary School Home School Agreement

Secondary School Admissions for September 2022

Year 7 Admission for September 2022 - Moving from primary to secondary school in September 2022

For all children born from 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011, their parents/carers must apply for a secondary class place for them to start school in the academic year September 2022/2023.

All year 7 applications for September 2022 must be made through the family’s home local authority.

National closing date for on time year 7 applications – Sunday 31 October 2021

National offer date for on time year 7 applications – Tuesday 01 March 2022

We Are Going to Secondary School

Click here to go to the Newham Secondary School Admissions website 

Click here for secondary school open days and evenings as well as dates for virtual tours 

For children living in Newham, families must apply via London Borough of Newham. This means if a family live in Newham they must apply through Newham even if their child attends a primary school outside of Newham, or they are only interested in a secondary school in another borough. 

Remember, families must apply for a place, even if:

  • They want their child to go to the local school


  • Has a brother or sister attending the school.

The borough is not allowed to reserve secondary school places. We strongly advise families to read the composite prospectus “We Are Going to Secondary School” below, as this explains the whole process in detail. 

Applications received after national closing day (Sunday 31 October 2021) will be known as late applications. These applications cannot be considered for places until all on time applicants have their places. For all popular schools all places are usually already offered to on time applicants before late applicants can be considered, so applying on time is really important.

 Additional Information


Guidance on creating an e-Admissions account and applying for a reception or year 7 place, please use the E-Admissions link below:

Click here for E-Admissions


We are a school maintained by London Borough of Newham which means that they are the admission authority for this school. Therefore, all applications for this school must be made through London Borough of Newham’s Pupil Services, not this school.